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I love a nice, clean home full of color and simple classic decor. I've got a mad hot pinterest home page that I'd like to bring to life, but I'm a realist... I've got 6 kids and I can't have nice things. I didn't set out to have a large family, but as each one of them came I found my ability to love increase and I opened up in ways

I never though possible.

BUT let's face it, my sanity has suffered and most days it looks like a small  herd of elephants have made their way through my kitchen!!

I'm pretty easy going and gravitate to all things fun, but I parent like a Type A personality because I married a guy who is even more laid back and fun-loving than I am - even our fur babies know he's the "Fun Time Guy".  My hubs and I try our best to incorporate our faith, mutual love, respect and structure into our home because we want our kids to understand what good, strong relationships are.

I can definitely appreciate a good tattoo. I don't have any myself because I want a black and grey sea turtle done by Pete Terranova 

on my ribs... but I understand that's the most painful place to get it done.

I don't believe in camping. I love nature, but bugs and I don't get along and I can't bring myself to spend my hard earned money

to "vacation" in the dirt.

I hate shopping, there I said it. I have a closet full of classic staples (think Audrey Hepburn) that have the comfort of jammies because I don't buy into the whole "beauty is pain" thing. If you give me the choice between getting glammed up to go out, or a movie night at home in my jammies 9 times out of 10 I'll choose my jammies. 

I'm not super sentimental. I don't save many things, but photographs have always drawn me in.

They bring memories to life and remind me of times forgotten. It's a major reason I chose to become a photographer.

Working in the birth industry I feel it's important to know all I can about the birth process. I participate in continuing education, I'm working on my doula certification and I am a Certified Birth Becomes Her Photographer.

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