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On-Call and Off-Call Birth... what's the difference?!

I have a few people, now and then, who ask me what the difference is between on-call and off-call birth coverage. Isn't birth coverage birth coverage?! I like to offer my clients more options when deciding what they want for their births, so here's the bottom line on both.

On-call means that I am at your beck and call starting at 37 weeks until the moment you deliver. It doesn't matter where I am or what I'm doing, I answer your call just as a doctor or midwife would. I drop whatever I'm doing, leave wherever I am and head to you the moment you give me the word that labor is rolling. Because I am at your disposal for weeks on end, and because I make you a priority above all else, it is a more costly option however it is hands down what most people choose because they want the assurance that I will be there no matter what. I have only ever missed one birth (that story is for a whole other blog post about making sure you're well prepared for what to expect!) in my career as a birth photographer. I learned a lot about my roll and what I can do to help my clients and because of that I have a heightened response during my on-call time for you.

Off-call is a little tricky because I'm technically on-call for you, however it is only during the week of your due date. I keep my ringer on high, I'm hyper vigilant and I make it a priority to be by your side when you text or call. HOWEVER the biggest difference between the two is this - if I am at a family function, or a professional event I will send my backup photographer. This option helps my clients who are super budget conscious and still want a professional birth photographer there to capture everything. I also have many of my clients choose this option when they want to pair it with a Fresh 48 or Newborn session after baby has arrived.

My love of birth is strong, and which ever option you choose I'm committed to being there when/where you need me. I personally know what it's like to have to watch every penny, to want things I need to save for, so I'm committed to making sure that I am offering options for everyone who is interested in birth photography. I started out the year offering 20% off all birth packages, and because of the chaos and heartache that Covid has caused I'm continuing that offer through the end of the year. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you might have, I'm always available and happy to help because my clients mean the world to me and end up being more like family than friends in the end!!

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